After our Not Episode hiatus we’re back with a full episode. This time we’re taking a look at Chris’ pick for the monthly Trade-In Policy: Earth One: Teen Titans Vol. 2 by Jeff Lemire and And McDonald, plus we bring you all of the regular hits with our picks for comics coming out in The List, a Dramatic Reading and plenty of beer talk.

Then as a bonus after the Trade-In Policy review stick around as we talk more about Thor: Ragnarok, beer and how we hate Paul on vacations.


The List – 11/8/17


Dramatic Reading
















Astonishing X-Men #1 – Page:22  Panel: 2

Main Topic – Trade-In Policy Teen Titans: Earth One Vol. 2

The sequel to the NEW YORK TIMES best-selling original graphic novel is here with TEEN TITANS: EARTH ONE VOL. 2!Picking right up after the cliffhanger ending to the first volume, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Terra and Aqualad are in desperate straits-they’re homeless, destitute, and on the run from Cadmus, the project that created them. Unfortunately, Cadmus has more surprises up its sleeve… and a whole new set of teenage weapons, with none of the bothersome morals of the originals!From writer Jeff Lemire (SWEET TOOTH, ANIMAL MAN) and illustrator Andy McDonald comes the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed original graphic novel in TEEN TITANS: EARTH ONE VOL. 2!


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