Sometimes we have to do some actual work, and this is one of those weeks. In this episode we sit down and talk about Marvel’s most recent television offering: Inhumans. Luckily we have some drinks to get us through, plus other things we enjoy talking about like our top news stories for the week, our comic book picks in the List and a Dramatic Reading. So if you’re feeling brave, click Read More for the rest of the show notes and to stream the episode.


The List 11/22/17

Dramatic Reading









Mace Windu Jedi Of The Republic #1 – Page 6 Panel 23

Main Topic – Marvel’s Inhumans

Coming from Marvel television the oft discussed Inhumans movie/tv show/movie/miniseries brings the Inhuman Royal Family to both the big and small screens. What are our thoughts? We blame Jeph Loeb.

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