Ahhh March, Spring is springing, other things are happening, March is Maddening… that’s right it’s time for our Annual Comic Book Creator Craze ! Every year we decide on a bracket of our favorite Writers and Artists and see who reigns the pull list supreme, this week it’s the writers so check it out!

We also find time to bring you our favorite news items in the Week In Geek, our picks for The List, a Dramatic Reading and of course some beer talk. So hit Read More to stream it and see the rest of the show notes!


The List 03/21/18

Dramatic Reading

Hellboy And The BPRD 1955: Burning Season #1 – Page 8 Panel 6

Main Topic – Comic Book Creator Craze – Writers

Gear up as we pit 4 Marvel, 4 DC and 4 Indie Writers up against each other for ultimate Bagged and Bored dominance. Who will win? I don’t know I’m typing this before we record, so listen in to find out!