We’re back with an extra spooky episode of the Bagged And Bored Cast, number #380! What ghoulish terror, what lingering fright, what soul-crushing scare do we unleash upon you in this Halloween episode? We rank our favorite Disney Afternoon cartoons! That can’t be right… nope, checks out. We give our Top 5 favorites from the seminal 90’s programming block and some of the answers might surprise you!

We’ve also got Beer reviews, some of our top nerd new stories in The Week In Geek, comics we need to grab in The List and a Dramatic Reading. So click Read More for the rest of the notes and to stream the episode now!


  • New Holland Brewing Dragons Milk Reserve Banana Coconut
  • Troegs Brewing Golden Thing
  • New Belgium Brewing Voodoo Ranger Imperial Black IPA
  • Zero Gravity Bing Bing
  • Foreign Objects From Stardust To Thoughtform

The List 10/31/18

Dramatic Reading

Green Lantern: Beware My Power #1

Main Topic – Disney Afternoon Cartoon Power Rankings Series

The 1990’s were a great time to be a Disney fan, not only were we living in a renaissance of the Feature Animation but the TV animation was on fire! The Disney Afternoon block of cartoons was reason enough to run home from school and shaped the Bagged And Bored Crew’s tastes for years, nay DECADES to come. So sit back, drink some Gummibeary juice, go crazy for the scent of cheese and make sure you’re back on top of Xantos’ building by sunset, with this episode of the Bagged And Bored Cast!