Like comic books? Us too! So we talk about one in the 381st episode of the Bagged And Bored Cast!

It’s time for Paul’s pick for the Trade-In Policy review with Brian Michael Bendis’ Man Of Steel weekly miniseries.

We also bring in the usual other segments with a Blizzcon heavy Week In Geek, Beer Reviews, the comics we’re looking forward to with The List as well as a Dramatic Reading. So if all that sounds like something you’d be into check it out by hitting Read More and streaming the episode below!



  • Founders Curmudgeon
  • Founders Crumudgeon’s Better Half
  • Two Roads/Aslin Under The Wire
  • Pressure Drop/Knee Deep Dank Sinatra

The List 11/01/18

Dramatic Reading

Scooby Apocalypse #28 – Page 19 Panel 2

Main Topic – Trade-In Policy: Man Of Steel Vol. 1

Brian Michael Bendis has made his debut over in the DC Universe in the Superman universe with the weekly event series Man Of Steel. Joined by a rotating series of artists Bendis introduces a new threat to not just Superman but the remaining Kryptonians in the Universe. We check out issues #1-6 in this Paul Pick for the Trade-In Policy!