Emerald City Comic Con Report - Part 2

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Alright. Enough backstory bullshit. Walking into the Con I realized I wasn't the only person who didn't cosplay which was a relief. As I said earlier I waited until around noon to go, so there were no lines waiting to get in, just flash your pass and walk in. I don't think we even went through security; I had a big purse and no one checked it. I thought that was a bit surprising considering they had a weapons check for the cosplayers which had to be tagged and approved when you got there. The amount of people though, was staggering. I likened it to going to a sporting event - some people wear team colors (cosplayers) and everyone is there for the same reason. That helped me mentally deal with size of the crowds. At least I thought it would. I get a bit deer-in-the-headlights when I go to events for the first time in an unfamiliar place, so I definitely asked the minions (Con volunteers) for help when I didn't know where to go. Let's be honest, you can only look at the map so much before hand to get an idea of where things are. Once you are there half that goes out the window... (Hit Read More To Continue)


My first stop was trying to find the Oni Press booth. I am a big fan of Rick and Morty and they had an ECCC exclusive collector cover of their first comic which is just coming out, so I really wanted to make sure I got one since there was such a limited amount. When I got to the correct floor the booth was the first one I saw so I sorta lucked out. I got my comic and the guy checking me out said the artists would be there for a signing later if I wanted to come back which was I thought was really nice. I ended up circling the same little quadrant of booths a few times trying to either get to a different part of the show floor or get out of the show floor. Let's be real, it was more of a shuffle than a walk at this point - it was so freakin crowded I couldn't move. A girl painted in blue grazed my arm and I was afraid I got paint on my cream colored shirt (I didn't), but it emphasizes a point: in such close quarters I didn't want to bump into anyone and ruin anyone's outfit. Sure the majority of people were in jeans and a shirt, but a decent amount did have on costumes (I'm calling them costumes and if that's the wrong word I'm sorry).

Can we talk about the costumes for a minute? This is what I can remember: some Star Wars people; a few Next Gen looking Trekkies; a good amount of Agent Carters with the blue coat and red hat; a few Captain Americas and Steve Rogers (one a skinny pre-serum Steve from the boot camp and another post-serum with the car door shield which I thought was clever); a really great Agent Coulson with an Agent Carter; a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man; TON of Doctor Who outfits (and I'm sorry some of their clothing came directly from Hot Topic because I recognized shirts and dresses); X-Men (a few Rogues, old-school Saturday morning cartoon variations); some Transformer looking robot guys and a family of Bob's Burgers (minus Gene). I didn't take pictures of anyone because I wasn't sure about how to go about it. They have an anti-harassment policy, so I think you have to ask the person to take a picture before you take one, and there are just so many people I didn't really want to bother anyone. (I did see 2 guys on Sunday while I was walking by the Convention Center dressed as really awesome Ghostbusters with a little boy, I can't remember what he was dressed as but they were REALLY great costumes). I was only there one day so I’m sure a lot of people pulled out the big guns for Saturday and Sunday. I mean I remember seeing on Facebook posts people saying they had different outfits for each day. That’s a lot of time and effort – so much so the Con had a room for fix-its should you have an outfit disaster. I admire those courageous enough to walk out in a costume and go to a Con. I wish I could pull one off.

Now after I received my comic I still had a lot of time to kill until 2pm so I made my way up to the celebrity floor to check it out. No cameras allowed!!! They have a ton of signs posted about that – I remember later some lady yelling at someone who had a flash go off. Big no – no. Anyhoot, I got lucky again and came upon John Wesley Shipp. My co-worker is a big Flash fan and I didn’t think I would get to see him when I made my schedule at home, which meant I didn’t overly plan to spend money for an autograph but I could not pass up the chance that was in front of me. My first celebrity autograph at a comic con – and I had no idea what to do. Turns out there’s a line to have to get into to pay first then get in another line for the actual autograph. You get some business card thing with a sticker on it when you pay which means if you leave the floor you can get into the second line without getting cut off. They give you a post-it note with the name on it you want the autograph for and then you get your time with the celebrity. Depending on the celebrity decides on how much time you get. Also depends on the size of the line. (I saw someone with an Anthony Daniels autograph, complimented it, and the nice lady said she stood in line for 3 hours just to get that from him – and the line wasn’t going down. That I could not afford to do.) I don’t know what the line looked like before I got there, but I was maybe third in the queue. He shook my hand and was super duper nice. I wish I knew more about the show because he was talking to everyone for a few minutes and really being personable. I was a bit flustered cuz I was nervous but I think I held it together pretty well.

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