Emerald City Comic Con Report - Part 3

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With still lots of time until Hayley’s panel I tried to find the ECCC merch booth. They put up online most of the merch available and I decided I wanted a tote bag, not expensive and I could reuse it. I mean I didn’t need another T-shirt or socks or hoodie or scarf or nail art... you get the idea. The main ECCC booth was downstairs by the panel room I needed for Hayley, but holy crap the line was 5 rows deep and drifted outside! Forget that I told myself, who knew how long I’d be stuck in the line! I asked a minion and she directed me back upstairs to where they didn’t have clothing but they did have everything else including my tote bag...(Hit Read More To Continue)

When I got upstairs to the merch booth the one minion working it said they were out and to come back in about 15 minutes lol. It wasn’t horrible to wander around, there was this awesome booth behind them with beautiful artwork drawn out of science algorithms, for example Einstein out of E=mc². I wanted to get something but wasn’t sure how it would fit into my suitcase without getting bent and decided against buying something. I have to say, this is just my opinion, but I was disappointed with the merch I saw on the showroom floors. The artists had great drawings, granted, but the merch itself (enough Funko dolls to build a house and a bunch of things I actually already owned or had seen other places) I felt like you could buy this stuff off Amazon or at Hot Topic. It was severely disappointing. I was expecting collector items you CAN’T find in stores, and I’m sure there was stuff I probably just didn’t see that was like that, but from what I saw I wasn’t impressed.

I got my tote bag that was full of random stuff that I did not know what going to be in it, like comic books and promo items, and went back downstairs again to the panel room. Lost Girl was the panel before Hayley and I wanted to get a seat so I figured sit there til it started. I got a drink and some chips to snack on ($5.25 later – sheesh) and sat down in an end seat in the second to last row of a MASSIVE hall. Holy shit was it big. I know this is a convention center but this was the only panel room I had ever seen in person and oh my God I was taken aback. I’d like to give a big shout out to the Lost Girl panel guests because they were hysterically funny and gave great answers to the fan Q&A portion. “Tell me why I should start watching your show in one sentence.” Answer: “Emmanuelle naked”. Like, such a perfect response to a simple question. I had enough of a general understanding of Lost Girl to be able to follow the panel which helped, but even to someone who never watched it I think you could have genuinely enjoyed the panel. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if people just sat in the same seat in the hall all day for every panel. They don’t kick you out or clear the rooms after each one so why not sit and enjoy? You can take pictures (no flash) and video and even win some awesome items should they have a spontaneous auction. It really isn’t a bad idea.

I noticed as it was getting closer to the end of the panel the Agent Carters started showing up – in droves. The wave of people waiting to fly into any empty seats was ready to make its move and did it ever try. The switch was swift and the panel started on time. Out walked Grant Imahara (who I had seen in the celebrity section earlier signing autographs), he was the moderator! I was super excited. He revved the crowd up a bit then introduced Hayley. We all went nuts. She looked super cute in a long polka dot jumper, red heels, and black jacket. I got the impression she was excited to be there and see her fans face to face since she had never been to something like this before. Grant was a decent moderator, not that I have anyone to compare him to, but kept things on track and went from subject to subject without much awkwardness. He talked about how she was such a popular character from Captain America and I guess fan demand pushed them to give her Agent Carter. He showed behind the scenes videos of her scaring James D’Arcy in his trailer and her catching grapes in her mouth during a break on set (she didn’t miss ONE, quite impressive).

Random notes from the panel I remember clearly: she had to get her license picture taken during an hour break from filming, so went in costume with full make up and wig (didn’t know it was a wig!); her reaction to Chris Evans (swoon) when he comes out of the chamber after the serum injections is completely genuine because they wouldn’t let her see him shirtless until filming; they played a lot of video games and drank beer while making the movie, a brother sister relationship she said; her favorite karaoke song is Black Velvet by Alana Miles or Rocky Horror Picture Show songs after some vodka; she wouldn’t mind if Peggy dated Angie instead of Daniel; and she liked that you saw every side of Peggy – emotional, intelligent and kick-ass fighter (Grant posed the question what it means that the smartest people on the show are the two British people and everyone laughed). So many people during the Q&A talked about how much of a strong female character Peggy is and Hayley really reacted to that saying you should know your value and self worth as a woman and portraying someone like Peggy is empowering. It truly was a great panel all around and a definite highlight of the day.

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