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So let it be known I’m a novice to comic book culture. My other half, Chris Roy has introduced me to a world (or worlds, as it may be) of so many “f” words. Future, Family, Fighting, Fortune, Fortitude. (What did you think?) These words and values are hallmark to the core of the many characters in the comic book universe. As I am a serial pessimist and one who has let harsh reality shape them, it is extremely welcoming to be entertained by a world where there are underdogs interested in the greater good. Knowing that I am less of a reader and more of a viewer, Chris showed me this universe in viewing comic book based  movies and TV shows (in sequential order, I may add) he was patient with me when I asked a lot of questions, and urged me to seek out the answers myself.  So, I have chosen to rate and review comic book inspired shows. From a former non-nerd. (But totally a nerd now, totally, and always a secret nerd... (Hit Read More To Continue)

Note - As I introduce Lexi to different shows we play the Netflix/Hulu/VOD game to binge and catch up on series. So parts of this article are based on past episodes without knowledge of current show events. Keep this in mind as she poses questions and ponders mysteries and think to yourself as I do like "OMG wait until she gets to Season 3 or Episode 17". Also missing from the list are Constantine and Gotham, we'll get there eventually. - Chris

5. Daredevil

Okay I'm going to catch a lot of flack for rating this at my 5th but please don't think I love it any less.  We're getting to know each other. Takes time.  ;) 

The first couple episodes, wow, I'm a sucker for action.  that fight scene with the 8 Russian guys that lasted a good 10 minutes was AWESOME. But I feel like the progression of episodes has become more Tarantino-esque, become more about the drama communication than the violence.  While I follow the story and crave the self only leaked details of everyone's personal vendettas, I'm craving more action! Maybe that's just me.  But I looove Rosario Dawson and am so happy to see her character with Matt. 

Favorite character: I love the tension between Foggy Nelson and Karen Paige. I think they'd be perfect. It's like a strawberry blonde hair wonderland of couples. (Side note: Chris made me a daredevil themed dinner complete with Hell's Chicken, Battlin' Jack Cheddar Fries, a Foggy Nelson smoothie and Karen Page "Strawberry Blonde" Shortcake) also how does a 110 pound women drink an entire bottle of whiskey and not die the next day? TV magic. 

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