Bagged And Bored Cast: Episode #231

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Can you believe it's time for another Bagged And Bored Cast already? Well it is, and it's also the end of the month so that means we are go for Monthly Look Back. So suit up and listen on iTunes or right here as we discuss:

Annihilator #1

The Death Of Wolverine #1&2

Edge Of Spider-verse #2

G.I. Joe #1

Roche Limit #1

Plus beer from Long Trail, Bell's, Great Lakes, Round Barn, Stone and Brau Brothers Brewing. But don't think we'll leave you hanging, find out our List picks and the Dramatic Reading panel by hitting 'Continue Reading" below!

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Bagged And Bored Cast: Episode #230

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It's time for an all new Bagged and Bored Cast! Available for download on iTunes or streaming right here! Listen in as we discuss our dream match-ups from Marvel and DC! Plus beer from Anderson Valley and Goose Island.

But wait, there's more! Hit 'Continue Reading" below for our List picks and this weeks Dramatic Reading panel.

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Bagged And Bored Cast: Episode #229

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It's time for the newest episode of the Bagged And Bored Cast, #229 right here or available on iTunes!! With Daredevil, Iron Fist, Power Man, Jessica Jones and the Defenders on their way to your favorite device to stream to, we discuss what Marvel properties we want to see Netflix bring to life.

Plus beer from Labatts, Stone Brewing and Arcadia Ales. Hit 'Continue Reading' for our List picks as well as the newest Dramatic Reading panel.

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Top 5 Comics Disney/Marvel Should Publish

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In January 2014 Disney made Marvel fans happy, or maybe Marvel made Disney fans happy, when the companies teamed up to release the first issue of the Disney Kingdoms mini-imprint: The Seekers of the Weird, based off of Walt Disney Imagineering original ideas and concept art for the Museum of the Weird, an unbuilt walkthrough add on to Disney's fan favorite attraction, the Haunted Mansion. After the five issue series wrapped up Kingdoms launched their second story: Figment, the origin of not only the lovable purple dragon from EPCOT's Journey Into Imagination, but also his human creator, Dreamfinder.

While both series continue to sell out each issue Disney hasn't yet announced another addition to the line for when Figment wraps up this October. But don't worry guys... I got this for you...

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