Episode #308 - Zombie John Candy

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It's go time for episode #308 of the Bagged And Bored Cast, this week we bring you Paul's pick for our latest Trade-In Policy review of DC Comic's Earth One Wonder Woman: Volume One, by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette.

As always we've also got some of our favorite news stories in The Week In Geek, the comics we're looking forward to in The List, a comic book Dramatic Reading and a Summer Movie Blockbuster Bracket Buster update, so hit Read More to stream the episode and see the rest of the show notes.

Episode #307 - I Knew I'd Get It In There

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It's time for episode #307 of the Bagged And Bored Cast! Live now on iTunes or streaming right here, we discuss 10 books launched as the DC Rebirth starts off. Plus beer from Southern Tier, Firestone Walker and Lagunitas, alongside the List, a Dramatic Reading and this weeks Summer Movie Bracket update, this has the goings of being the longest episode we'll record this week! So check out the full notes by hitting Read More...

Episode #306 - James Bond Jr.

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Welcome to episode #306 of the Bagged And Bored Cast! It's not all just sitting around drink and reading comic books, sometimes we sit around and drink while thinking about what comic books we want to read! The new DC: Rebirth initiative has gotten us thinking too: since this hasn't been line wide and there are a lot of characters and titles missing still, what DC books do we want to see Rebirthed?

So check that out in our Main Topic by hitting Read More to stream the episode, and also be sure to check out our picks for The List and this weeks Dramatic Reading panel.

Episode #305 - Space Groceries: Blue Milk

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Here we go, time for Bagged And Bored Cast episode #305! With Father's Day right around the corner we take a look at our favorite father figures in comics. Who makes the list? Who gets to unwrap the Bagged And Bored print tie? Does Paul list Reed Richards? Listen and find out!

So there's that, the Week In Geek, our picks for The List. and a Dramatic Reading panel! Check it all out and stream the episode by hitting read more!