Episode #304 - Gluod - Gluttony+Good

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It's time for Bagged And Bored Cast episode #304! This week it's our monthly Trade-In Policy with John's pick of The Pitiful Human- Lizard by Jason Loo from Chapter House Comics. A self published Kickstarter funded book from one of the Bagged And Bored Casts favorite cities: Toronto, Ontario.

We've also got some of our favorite nerd news stories from the past week, the Bagged And Bored Summer Movie Bracket update, The List, a Dramatic Reading and whatever else happens on this episode. So click Read More to check out the rest of the notes, stream the episode and whatever else you might want to do. It's a free country.

Episode #303 - High Pitched Murmur

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With the end of May that can only mean one thing: the May Look Back! We take a look at a bunch of the new #1's that came out this past month. We talk Captain America #1, Civil War #0 and #1, Punisher #1 and DC Universe Rebirth #1. That's a lot of big books to talk about plus Beer, The List and a Dramatic Reading panel, all available by hitting Read More!


Episode #302 - More Snape Than Snape

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Has it been a week already? Well we're back with the second part of our Top 10 Marvel Stories of All Time! Who wins supreme? The answer might surprise you if you've never listened to the BAgged And Bored cast before (or looked at the episode artwork). So check it out by hitting Read More, and be sure to look at our picks for The List as well as this weeks Dramatic Reading panel.

Rate and review? You should. As well as let us know your top Marvel stories through email, facebook or the show notes right here!


Episode #301 - It's Dece

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We're back with the official episode #301! As a companion to our Top 10 DC Stories it's only fitting we decide upon our Top 10 Marvel Stories as well! So check it out picks number 10 through five. So hit Read More to see them all!