Episode #256: A Very Episode

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Gear up for the new episode of the Bagged And Bored Cast, #256! We settle down for our Trade-In Policy review and this month it's a Paul Pick, DC Comics Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Blood. Written by Brian Azzarello with art by Cliff Chiang, this six issue arc set the tone for the for the new direction of the New 52 and since it's a Paul Pick, John and Chris aren't allowed to like it. If you want to see how you like it, make sure you grab a copy off of Amazon using the Bagged And Bored link HERE and help us out!

But something we can all agree on liking is beer. This week we crack open three from Red Brick Brewing: Brother Leo, Laughing Skull, and Hoplanta. Two from Odd Side Ales: Wheatermelon, and Dubbel Trubbel, and one from Magic Hat: Single Chair. So hit Read More to stream the show and see our picks for The List and this weeks Dramatic Reading Panel (Page).

The Girl With The Gryffindor Tattoo: Geek Is The New 1337

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Several months ago, I took my boyfriend to his first comicon. It’s a small one where we live, and I couldn’t believe he had never been before. This is a guy who spends every Saturday playing D&D or Magic. The same guy who wants a new graphics card for Christmas (and what a bargain at only $500!). Needless to say, I knew he’d enjoy it. So, after several loops of people watching (and him identifying every anime cosplay for me), we finally got to buying some shirts. I chose a classic Star Wars tee, while he was psyched to find an Evangelion t-shirt. After convincing him the only size left would fit him, he made the purchase. We met up with some friend of mine to show off our purchases. Then my “friend” comes up with the snide comment:

“You like anime? I find that hard to believe.”

Cue record scratch sound effect.

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Episode #255: War, No Blood

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Can you believe it's time for a new Bagged And Bored Cast already? Us either, and crazy as that is, it's also time for the Monthly Look Back for the month of March. That means we take a gander at some of the titles that came out last month, including:

All New Hawkeye #1

Princess Leia #1

Howard The Duck #1

Spider-Woman #5

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #1

We also have some leftover beers from Episode #254's Beer-cation, so we open up a two year aged Ithaca Brewing Co. Old Habit, Arcadia Ales Barrel Aged Shipwreck Porter and Barrel Aged Loch Up. So tune in and hit Read More for the rest of the show notes including our picks for The List and this weeks Dramatic Reading Panel.

Episode #254: Michi-gone

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Now that March is wrapping up that means the Bagged And Bored Comic Creators Craze is coming to an end. With our winners crowned on both sides it's time for us to get them on the books we think would be perfect.

Marvel - Brian K. Vaughan & Adrian Alphona

DC - Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo

Overall - Brian K. Vaughan & Greg Capullo

All that picking will require a lot of talking and its a good thing that John and Paul took a trip to visit Chris in Beer City, USA! With all the drinking the B&BC pops open a healthy helping of Ithaca Beer Co. Excelsior Series Anniversary beers. We've got bottles of Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen and the new Seventeen! Do we still get to the Dramatic Reading and our picks for The List? Of course! Plus our first ever Caption Contest!