TV's Top Comic Shows As Rated By A New Nerd

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So let it be known I’m a novice to comic book culture. My other half, Chris Roy has introduced me to a world (or worlds, as it may be) of so many “f” words. Future, Family, Fighting, Fortune, Fortitude. (What did you think?) These words and values are hallmark to the core of the many characters in the comic book universe. As I am a serial pessimist and one who has let harsh reality shape them, it is extremely welcoming to be entertained by a world where there are underdogs interested in the greater good. Knowing that I am less of a reader and more of a viewer, Chris showed me this universe in viewing comic book based  movies and TV shows (in sequential order, I may add) he was patient with me when I asked a lot of questions, and urged me to seek out the answers myself.  So, I have chosen to rate and review comic book inspired shows. From a former non-nerd. (But totally a nerd now, totally, and always a secret nerd... (Hit Read More To Continue)

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Emerald City Comic Con Report - Part 4

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The big race was next, grab your stuff and get upstairs for Hayley Atwell's photo-op session. Geez was it a mad dash, and the minions were ready to point you in the line you were about to stand in for A FULL HOUR WITHOUT MOVING. Yes I said that correctly – I stood in the same spot for a full hour and never budged. This became one of the most annoying parts of my whole Con experience. The people around me were nice; a few people in front of me were from Canada and the people to the side of me seemed like they’d been through this before. I sort of listened in on conversations and chimed in once in a while. Noticing people a few lines over sitting on tiny stools they brought with them made this entire experience clear: you go to wait and stand in line... (Hit Read More To Continue)

Emerald City Comic Con Report - Part 3

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With still lots of time until Hayley’s panel I tried to find the ECCC merch booth. They put up online most of the merch available and I decided I wanted a tote bag, not expensive and I could reuse it. I mean I didn’t need another T-shirt or socks or hoodie or scarf or nail art... you get the idea. The main ECCC booth was downstairs by the panel room I needed for Hayley, but holy crap the line was 5 rows deep and drifted outside! Forget that I told myself, who knew how long I’d be stuck in the line! I asked a minion and she directed me back upstairs to where they didn’t have clothing but they did have everything else including my tote bag...(Hit Read More To Continue)

Emerald City Comic Con Report - Part 2

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Alright. Enough backstory bullshit. Walking into the Con I realized I wasn't the only person who didn't cosplay which was a relief. As I said earlier I waited until around noon to go, so there were no lines waiting to get in, just flash your pass and walk in. I don't think we even went through security; I had a big purse and no one checked it. I thought that was a bit surprising considering they had a weapons check for the cosplayers which had to be tagged and approved when you got there. The amount of people though, was staggering. I likened it to going to a sporting event - some people wear team colors (cosplayers) and everyone is there for the same reason. That helped me mentally deal with size of the crowds. At least I thought it would. I get a bit deer-in-the-headlights when I go to events for the first time in an unfamiliar place, so I definitely asked the minions (Con volunteers) for help when I didn't know where to go. Let's be honest, you can only look at the map so much before hand to get an idea of where things are. Once you are there half that goes out the window... (Hit Read More To Continue)

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Emerald City Comic Con Report - Part 1

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My first ever comic convention was definitely a trip. See, I'm not overly knowledgeable about comics. I'm not the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons by any means but I know comic book characters, I know comic book publishers, and I've seen enough science fiction films and television shows that I thought this would be a place where I could fit in a bit. I found that to be both a true and false notion. Of all the conventions to go to, why pick Emerald City Comic Con, in the Washington State Convention Center; why not something a bit closer like Toronto or New York City? Why go all the way to the other side of the country? To be honest, nothing about ECCC stood out that made it better than any other Con, but having wanted to visit Seattle for a while and seeing the celebrity guest list I decided that this year I was going to make it happen. I had looked last year but didn't have a major draw to justify flying all that way. This year I found three: John Barrowman, Karen Allen and Stan Lee... (Hit Read More below to continue)