The Girl With The Gryffindor Tattoo: Geek Is The New 1337

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Several months ago, I took my boyfriend to his first comicon. It’s a small one where we live, and I couldn’t believe he had never been before. This is a guy who spends every Saturday playing D&D or Magic. The same guy who wants a new graphics card for Christmas (and what a bargain at only $500!). Needless to say, I knew he’d enjoy it. So, after several loops of people watching (and him identifying every anime cosplay for me), we finally got to buying some shirts. I chose a classic Star Wars tee, while he was psyched to find an Evangelion t-shirt. After convincing him the only size left would fit him, he made the purchase. We met up with some friend of mine to show off our purchases. Then my “friend” comes up with the snide comment:

“You like anime? I find that hard to believe.”

Cue record scratch sound effect.

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The Girl With The Gryffindor Tattoo: Battle Of The Living Dead

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​In the never ending Netflix binge, I recently stumbled upon the show Z Nation. As a zombie love, I was immediately drawn. Plus, with new episodes of TWD just a couple weeks away, this would be the perfect filler; a zombie warm up to a hopefully epic season finale.

​It seems any Google search on Z Nation comes up with endless articles comparing it to TWD. However, it’s always such a negative comparison. “The Poor Man’s Walking Dead”, “Walking Dead Ripoff”…you get the idea. It appears the popular consensus is Z Nation is an attempt to be the next TWD. I couldn’t disagree more...

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Top 5 Comics Disney/Marvel Should Publish

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In January 2014 Disney made Marvel fans happy, or maybe Marvel made Disney fans happy, when the companies teamed up to release the first issue of the Disney Kingdoms mini-imprint: The Seekers of the Weird, based off of Walt Disney Imagineering original ideas and concept art for the Museum of the Weird, an unbuilt walkthrough add on to Disney's fan favorite attraction, the Haunted Mansion. After the five issue series wrapped up Kingdoms launched their second story: Figment, the origin of not only the lovable purple dragon from EPCOT's Journey Into Imagination, but also his human creator, Dreamfinder.

While both series continue to sell out each issue Disney hasn't yet announced another addition to the line for when Figment wraps up this October. But don't worry guys... I got this for you...

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Guardians Of Their Galaxy: Marvel Continues To Rewrite The Book On Taking Chances

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Marvel Studios latest venture, Guardians Of The Galaxy, continues to rake in more and more money (it’s currently the highest grossing movie of the Summer of 2014 and it currently sitting on a mountain of over $280 million domestic and another $270 million foreign). Not only did it pull off a stunning victory in the Bagged And Bored Cast Summer Movie Blockbuster Bracket Buster, people cant seem to get over how Marvel took a multimillion dollar risk on a little known comic book property that paid off in a big way. But this story isn’t anything new, in fact Marvel wrote the book on this....
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