Bagged and Bored

Episode 349 Ocean Sprayed

The Great Marvel Movie Retrospective #1: Iron Man


Episode 348 Forgot the Title

Wow we have different views or are they visions about Tom King's "The Vision" vol. 2; Chris's choice for the Trade In Policy


Not Episode 347 Roost Goose

Beer and Friends, Friends and Beer!


Episode 346 They Got Belts

The Green Valley from Image Comics


Not Episode 346 D23 News

Chris and Paul discuss the new affecting the Disney Parks from D23!


Episode 345 Slippin Sails

We discuss Marvel's sales conundrum... Why not?!


Episode 334 Guess Who Came For Dinner

Chris is back in town, and the books we read in June are sooo much better than the ones from May!


Episode 343 Are You Listing Things You Did Today

Sometimes I talk to the audience sometimes I talk to myself, sorry. This episode we discuss the first volume of Afterlife With Archie... it's prett awesome, really.


Episode 342 Oh That Was Horrible

Sorry for the two episodes posted back to back, like I said technical issues. This episode is completely unlike the last, in this episode we drink, we talk and we discuss some comics that were release in May.


Episode 341 Getting Ripped on Cars

Sorry this is so late... technical issues but in this episode We drink, we talk, we discuss the first volume of the new Vision series from Marvel... and then the murders happened.


Episode 340 Chris is in the Room

Hey guys, Chris is in the studio with us in person so it's time for us to discuss his picks for our April look back.


Episode 339

Summer movies are arriving in theaters, but only we (well maybe I haven't checked every podcast) have them enter the arena of a Summer Movie Blockbuster Bracket Buster!


Not Episode 339 Not On Mother's Day

June 2nd Wonder Woman is released in theaters. I'm excited to see it, but is WB studios doing enough to get people excited?


Not Episode 338 Feel the Power of the Rankings

Wait a sec... Chris, John and Paul are together for a Not Episode, we must be talking about something we love: Star Wars.


Episode 337 Hey Free Sock

We take a look of the comics that marched in to our collection in...uhmm.. March. "Jughead the Hunder: One Shot", "Rat Queens #1", "Amerikarte #1", "X-Men Prime" and "Titans Annual #1"


Episode 336 Some Oysters?

It's the artists turn to take part in the bracket, we get through this one quick... well quicker!


Episode 335 Sipping The Head

March Madness is here in the for of the writers side of the Comic Book Creator Craze!


Episode Not More 335

John and Paul discuss playing games with their wives... John has a wife... a current wife.


Not Again 335

John and Paul are left alone to discuss "Afterlife With Archie" and "Green Vallley" because it another not episode!


Not Episode 335

John and Paul get together and talk... about the changing seasons and "seasonal beer", but mostly just talk.