Bagged and Bored

Episode 260 Reboot Right in the Butt

Secret Wars, Batman Dead, Steve Rogers Old? Have we been here before? We discuss our thoughts on the reboot cycle in comics!


Episode 259: Ka-Naan

Convergence is upon us.


Episode 258 Naming Cats

Some Assembly required when bringing together an Avengers team.


Episode 257 Wrecking Shop

2015 Summer Movie Bracket Buster! Thanks to Friend of the Show Johnathan for helping us out this episode!


Bagged and Bored Episode 256: A Very Episode

Wonder Woman Vol. 1 Blood


Episode 255 War no Blood

We discuss the books that premiered in March. Plus drink!


Episode 254 Michi-gone

We are all in Michigan drinking beer from New York, its been a long beer-cation but it is time to finish the bracket


Episode 253 It'll Mean More When You Do It With Friends

Artist take their turn to reach for the stars, in our Comic Book Creator Bracket Craze!


Episode 252 Choose to be a Woman

Comic Book Creator Craze begins with the writers!


Episode 251: Everyone Agrees with Paul

It's kinda big deal... might be the first time for this... Plus we review "Spider-Gwen #1", "Darth Vader #1" and "Silk #1" all from Marvel


Episode 250 In Remembrance of John

Suicide Squad picks... the book is being relaunched and a movie announcement was made, so the Bagged and Bored Boys make their own teams.


Episode 249 Let Us Know Sh!t About Computers

Trade In Policy's "Tale of Sand".


Episode 248 Walk Me Through It

This one goes off the rails a bit. Paul and John drink some big beers... a little too quickly as we review January's Comicbook Releases


Episode 247: Super Ball 2015

It's the Super Ball Paul!


Episode 246: Putting the Mooo back in Money

I don't even know anymore... please listen and enjoy.


Episode 245: John's Left Foot

Earth One Returns with "Teen Titans". We drink and learn that Paul is still no fun.


Bagged and Bored Episode 244

We discuss December's releases of "Agents of Shield #1", "Angela: Asguardian's Assassin #1", "Secret Six #1", "Robin Rises Alpha #1" With Chris in the studio!


Bagged and Bored Episode 243

A giant sized, uncut look into the year 2015.


Bagged and Bored Episode 242

The last show of 2014 had its hiccups technical and physical, but we still brought you our look back at the year that was 2014.


Bagged and Bored Episode 241

Our 5th annual Holiday Special! With friend of the show Lexi!