Bagged and Bored

Bagged and Bored Episode 171

The Trade: Hawkeye volume one, the beer: Brooklyn’s Black Ops, Rouges’s Voodoo Doughnut, Blurpoint’s Cherry Sour Stout, Stone’s Smoked Porter.


Bagged and Bored Episode 170

April showers of comics brings the BOOM! , as well as the Aspen and the Marvel. Plus, beer from Three Flyod’s, Left Hand and Avery


Bagged and Bored Episode 169

An all listener special, is the only way to celebrate an episode ending in 69!


Bagged And Bored Cast: Episode #168

Beer draft, that’s right not draft beer but a beer draft. Enjoy as much as we had!


Bagged and Bored Episode 162

Another month another look back… “Justice League of America”, “Katana”, “Vibe”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Nova” and “Uncanny X-Men” are discussed while Brooklyn’s “Dry Irish Stout” and Rohbach’s “Irish Creme Ale” are drank!


Bagged and Bored Episode 162-B

Writers had their way now Artist are admired in this second part of our March Maddness Comics Creator Bracket! Don’t worry we drink too!


Bagged And Bored Cast: Episode #163

We drink the pinnacle of Double IPA and Stout this episode, plus the start of the March Madness comic creator bracket!


Bagged and Bored Episode 161

Stack of Shame, the comics we have never read but always meant to… plus we drink Harpoon’s Black IPA, Heacy Seas’ Black Cannon and Ithaca’s 14th Anniversary


Bagged and Bored Episode 159

Valentine’s Day had we talk about the Characters, and Comic Creators, we’d follow anywhere. We drink Firestone “Wookey Jack” and Emelisse “Black IPA”!, Rate and Review on iTunes!


Bagged and Bored Episode 158

January’s Look Back, too many reviews to list! We taste “Stone’s Sublimely Self Rightous Ale” and “Southern Tier’s Inequity”.


Bagged and Bored Episode 155

Amazing Spider-Man #700, All-New X-Men #3 and New Avengers #1 is the Bagged and Bored boys doing a Marvel podcast? Nope. It’s just our December Look Back, with Back Burner from SouthernTier, Old Howling Bastard from BluePoint and Founder’s Bolt Cutter.


Bagged and Bored Episode 156

What’s written in the stars for the review of “Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm”? Plus the best Barleywine Beer? Pelican Pub’s Mother of all Storms and AleSmith’s Old Numbskull.


Bagged And Bored Cast: Episode #152

Another Bagged and Bored Holiday Spectacular! We present “A Bagged and Bored Carol”!


Bagged and Bored Episode 151

Holiday gifts from Japan! Thanks to Sgt. Chris for the treats. Plus Great Lake’s “Christmas Ale”, Cortland Brewing’s “Holiday Brew” and Ithaca’s “Cold Front”!


Bagged and Bored Episode 150

We discuss the three years of Bagged and Bored-ness and drink Trogges’ Mad Elf and Middle Ages’ Winter Wizard.


Bagged and Bored Episode 149

The month of November? We read through it and are here to tell the tale or “Fantastic Four #1″ “FF #1″ “X-Men #38″ “Phantom Stranger #1″ and “Talon #1″. Plus, we brought beer! Shocktop’s End of the World Seasonal and A Wassail from Full Sail.


Bagged and Bored Episode 148

Don’t feel crummy we talk Countney Crumrin! Plus, Seasonal Beers x4!


Bagged and Bored Cast Episode 140

A look at the Year that was the New 52 in the DCU with a spotlight on Failed Sidekicks. So all you cool kids with your pumped up kicks better outrun and listen to this episode… we have beer… reviews Harpoon and Blue Point’s Octoberfest! Please remember to rate and review on iTunes.


Bagged and Bored Episode 139

We get Anthony Bourdian’s “Get Jiro” graphic novel from Vertigo and Review Flying Bison’s “BisonFest” and Breckenridge “Autumn Ale” Please rate and review on iTunes!


Bagged and Bored Episode 138

“Green Lantern Annual #1″, “Victories #1″ and “DCU Presents: Kid Flash” are discussed in this month’s look back, plus our-tober fest keeps going with Saranac and Ayinger Octoberfest. Please rate and review on iTunes!