Bagged and Bored

Episode 334 Sidebar

We talk about last months... hold on a sec... ok well yes we talk about other stuff too... that reminds me... the books this month are...


Episode 333 Beauty In His Violence

"Rocketeer At War!", Paul's pick for the trade in policy is picked at in the rambling episode.


Not Episode 333 2017 Movies!

John and Paul get emotional talking about the "other" moives being released in 2017.


Episode 332 BOOKS!

Hey Guys, we talk about a few number 1's this monthThe Ray #1, Curse Words #1, The Mighty Captain Marvel #1, Khamandi Challenge #1. Were any of the good/great... you'll have to listen to find out... nope not great.


Episode 331 Superball 5

It's the Superball!


Episode 330 For The Love Of The Game

"Day Men" Issues 1-8 is John's pick for this month's Trade-In-Policy


Episode 329 John and Paul Yell

December Look Back brings out the emotions, "Love is Love" a tear jerker, "Hulk" the anger, "Hawkeye" and "Motorcrush".


Episode 328 John Talks Sports to Computers

It's a mega sized show, with John, Chirs and Paul discussing what we want 2017 to bring.


Episode 327 Thorgy

Welcome to 2017! The boys discuss the best parts of 2016, movies, beer and comics! Plus, Paul gets some stuff off his chest... 2016 huh, what a year...


Episode 326 Fortess of Darthitude

We're Back! Rogue One was so good we had to stop everything and talk about it, on this spoiler filled episode!


Behind the Scenes at the Xmas Special 2016

Sorry the holiday season has bowled us over and we still wanted to put out something for Christmas, so here is the three of us writing the rough draft of the "Stranger Brews: Xmas Special".


Episode 325 Ahh Like Them

We discuss the latest and freshest comics to be release November 2016.


Episode 324 Out Paul Myself

Explicit: We discuss the Image Comic "Sex Criminals" written by Matt Fraction.


Episode 323 No, You're Right It's Cute

Sidekick a short film by Jeff Cassidy inspired us to look at other fan films on YouTube


Episode 322 So Many Books

Chris picked a ton of books for the look back we discuss them in this episode...


Episode 321 Planet of the Monkees

So many comics from October we split the conversation into two weeks.


Episode 320 Turn Off The Paul

Lots of News! Plus we get ready for Halloween with some talk of cosplay.


Episode 319 Ayyy! Hang Loose! Aloha!

You know what takes a long time? Reading "Superman: Birthright"...


Episode 318 So Much Zuul

So much Zuul, so much comics so little time (2 hours) good luck and go get em!


Not Episode 318 Home Brewed

John and Paul are joined by friends that home brew, Scott and Greg to discuss home brewing tips and figure out what beer been in the basement for far too long.