Bagged and Bored

Bagged and Bored Episode 92

Comic-con and July’s book review.


Bagged and Bored Episode 91

A Captain America double punch!


Bagged And Bored Cast: Episode #90

Another round number comes our way, and we celebrate by reviewing the biggest movie of this summer, and perhaps all-time: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2″. Plus, the main topic is the entire “Potter” phenomenon. Look for us to review Stone Brews’ Vertical Epic 10 again next year, after it ages in the […]


Bagged and Bored Episode 89

Slow “Week in Geek”. “June Look Back”. NBC’s “Parks and Recs”. Plus, a bad German beer.


Bagged and Bored Episode 88

DCnU Comics DRAFT! Who said you can’t preview 52 comics in 100 minutes? Plus, friend of the show Aaron from “The Red Phone Zone” joins in the picks. Send us your selections: Rate and review over on iTunes!


Bagged and Bored Episode 87

It’s to warm to edit! E3 news. Are we “Wii U”? Green Lantern makes the guys ask “Why are we friends with Paul?”. Listen. Review on iTunes. E-mail: c’mon get on bored!


Bagged and Bored Episode 86

Beer gets drunk. Comics get picked. 80’s Movies get bagged. Super 8 gets reviewed. Paul gets defensive. Chris gets tired. John gets bored. Yep, another episode of the Bagged and Bored Cast.


Bagged And Bored Cast: Episode 85

Big news from DC has us talking in the upcoming not episode 86. Here in the regular show is a tasting from “Southern Tier Brewery”‘s Gemini. Plus an update on the Bagged and Bored Cast Summer Movie Blockbuster Bracket Buster. Reviews of “Flashpoint #1″ “Moon Knight #1″ and “Moriarty #1″. Lastly, does “X-Men: First Class” […]


Bagged and Bored Episode 84

Oh Yeah! Things get geeky


Bagged and Bored Episode 82

Casting news from FX, new water gun technology and the PSN is still down all that news and more in episode 82 of Bagged and Bored.
Did “Brightest Day” stay strong for all 25 issues?
Did Paul enjoy a movie? Find out in this episode.
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Bagged and Bored Episode 81

Looking back at the comics from April. Drinking a stout from Naked Dove Brewing. Random video game talk. Getting into Battle Star Gallitica, for the first or second time? Yep, this is a paragon of “Bagged and Bored”. Comments or Questions: Rate and Review on iTunes!


Bagged and Bored Episode 62

It wasn’t over stuffing ourselves that set us back… it was technical difficulties again. We lost 6 mins of the show in the time machine, yet picked up a friend along the way. Join Janet and the rest of the gang discuss, getting into comics and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part One”.