Bagged and Bored

Episode 317 Away From The Middleschoolers

John and Chris are discussing who they would like to see in the next Batman movie as part of the Rogue's Gallery. Paul spends his time on IMDB.


Episode 316 Hey Guys

Netflix's "Stranger Things" Hey Guys it's good.


Episode 315 Smell Me Smelling

The Trade In Policy for this Month is John's Pick of "Paper Girls" by BKV and Cliff Chang.


Episode 314 Your Father Was A Legend

So many number 1's this month... "Backstaggers #1", "Blue Beetle Rebirth #1", "Titans #1", "Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns #1" and "All Star Batman #1"


Episode 313 Nitpicky

Amazon Instant Watch has show to see, we watched 2 of them, and Paul is nitpicky.


Episode 312 Bagged and Bored Unlimited

Remember eating your favorite Saturday morning cereal and watching cartoons, no... well we do and we talk about watching "Justice League Unlimited" or what the DCEU should be.


Episode 311 White Girl At Heart

Wait, Figment Vol. 1 is the Main Topic? The Disney Kingdoms comic from Marvel?


Episode 310 Stretch It Out For 2 More Minutes

July offered so many new #1's... "ROM"; "Bounty"; "Justice League"; "Batgirl and the Birds Of Prey"; "Nightwing"; "Redhood and the Outlaws" and "Hellblazer" are the books we review.


Episode 309 The Future (Wife) Is Now

The wedding day is nigh for John. With Chris in town and the big day to prepare for, the 3 Bagged and Bored Boys find time throughout the day to talk about their favorite comic couples.


Episode 308 Zombie John Candy

"Wonder Woman Earth One" from DC comics was released and we discuss it after drinking a 6 pack of Flat Tire


Episode 307 I Knew I'd Get It In There

We review DC Comic's Rebith books from June: Action Comics, Aquaman, Detective Comics, The Flash, Green Lanterns, Green Arrow, Titans and Wonder Woman


Episode 306 James Bond Jr

The DCU Rebirth is missing something, right? Well we the Bagged and Bored Cast will tell you what you are missing!


Episode 305 Space Groceries, Blue Milk

We discuss the great Father figures in comic books for "Father's Day".


Episode 304 Gluod-Gluttony+Good

Toronto's own Human-Lizard is reviewed when the boys talk about "The Pithiatic Human-Lizard" in our Trade in Policy


Episode 303 High Pitch Murmur

Paul is off the rails, sorry about that, but good discussion of the big #1's out, "Civil War 2 #0 & 1" , "Punisher #1", "Captain America #1", & "DC Universe: Rebirth #1"


Episode 302 More Snape Than Snape

The Top 5 Marvel Comics Storyarcs of All-Time!


Episode 301 It's Dece

We start our list of Top 10 Marvel Stroy Arcs of All Time. Plus World of Warcraft news, Marvel and DC TV shakeups and casting news.


Episode 300 We Did It

300 Episodes! In this one we discuss April's #1's of "Moon Knight", "Poe Dameron", "Joyride", "Black Road" and "Rough Riders"


Not Episode 300 - Free Comic Book Day 2016

Get ready because this Saturday, May 7th is Free Comic Book Day! Chris brings a special Not Episode to showcase what he's looking forward to.


Episode 299 Winchester For The Win

Summer Movie Bracket Buster 6, guest starring Super Friend Of The Show Johnathan!