Bagged and Bored

Episode 298 It Exploded Everywhere, It's A Mess

We discuss the Rogue One and Dr Strange Teasers, plus we review March's comic releases of "BlackWidow", "Mockingbird", "The Baker St. Particulars" and "The Haunted Mansion"


Episode 297 Double Dramatic Reading

Artist Bracket from our 2016 Comic Creator Craze!


Episode 296 Writer Bracket and DCU Rebirth

@ WonderCon DC announced their plans for the DCU Rebirth, so we discuss our purchasing plans plus we start the March Tradition of the Comic Book Creator Craze!


Episode 295 Back In Town

Chris is back in town and we discuss the books we read during Feb. 2016


Episode 294 Paul Rudd's Rudd

John and Chris take out the trash on "X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga", while Paul cries, wondering why they are friends with him...?


Episode 293 Office Managers

Hey January was a while ago and Chris read comics, and so did we!
"A-Force" #1, "Obi Wan and Anakin" #1, "Titan's Hunt" #1


Episode 292 Piggy Back

Top #5 of DC's Greatest Stories Ever Told.


Special Episode: Super Ball 2016

Marvel vs DC for the ownership of this years most prestigious award the "Johnsie".


Not Episode 292 Board Games

John and Paul talk about their childhood playing board games plus what brought them back in to the hobby.


Episode 291 Licking an Envelope

We start our "Top 10 Best DC Story Arc's of All Time" list while Paul and John get loopy drinking one of the best beer's of All-Time


Episode 290 I Can Feel My Eyelids

This month's "Trade In Policy" features Boom Studio's "Hexed", was a spell cast over us or was it just a bunch of hocus pocus?


Episode 289 Look Forward to 2016

We look forward to 2016 and Paul sounds like he is talking from the future until he remembers to turn on his mic.


Episode 288 Itches We Didn't Know We Had

2015 was a year and we review the Comics, Movies and Breweries we fell in love with!


Episode 287 Christmas 2015

The Bagged and Bored Boys "proudly" present: "Home 4lone"


Episode 286 This Show Has No Rails

We review Image Comic's "Spread" volume 1...


Episode 285 Paul Lists Tom Hanks' Movies

Hey isn't that, that actor from that other nerd thing? Yes, yes it is and we discuss some of our favorites!


Episode 284 He's in Everything

What nerd/geek actors deserve more roles?


Episode 283 Nerd Tax

We discuss the Dark Horse Comic's "Avatar: The Last Airbender The Promise part one". Blizzard's Hearthstone new expansion and of course Star Wars


Episode 282 Holograms Aren't Real

We discuss the first month of DC comics' "Batman & Robin Eternal", plus Paul gets drunk on beer provided by a Texan


Episode 281 Chris Place

Oct look back, "Twilight Children", "Doctor Strange" "Uncanny Inhumans" "Karnak" and "Paper Girls"