Bagged and Bored

Episode 280 Your Left Eye

We discuss the first volume of "Lumberjanes" plus the cost of comics....


Episode 279 Word Books with Friends

We review books from September... "Tokyo Ghost #1", "Star Wars: Shattered Empire #1" and "Danger Girl: Renegade"


Episode 278 Lonesome Stranger

"Force Friday" and "Batman Day" celebrating Pop Culture Icons... sounds like a job for the Bagged and Bored Boys!


Episode 277 Wilhem Scream

We discuss story lines that brought characters "back to cool".


Episode 276 Not the First Borat Reference

We discuss Fall 2015 TV's new shows!


Episode 275 That's What Happened

August the last of the summer beers? Is it Pumpkin Spice/Beer season already? Well, I know it is time to review some of comics: "Archie #1", "Godzilla In Hell #1", "John Flood #1" and "Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #1".


Episode 274 Thanks Jessica

We had technical difficulties in the recording of this episode, but please enjoy the review of "5 Ghosts"


Episode 273 Keeping It Tight

We get trivial with some beer and comics inspired "Pub Trivia" created by Super Fan of the Show Caitlin.


Episode 272 Boom is what he does

We discuss the July comics of Lando, The Spire and 1872


Episode 271 I Got What John Was Doing

It is a short show but somehow it comes off the rails at the end still... as we review "The Superior Foes of Spider-Man".


Episode 270 No Weird Plans

We create and pitch our All-New All-Different All-New All-Different Bagged and Bored Marvel Comics.


Episode 269 Marisa Tomei Growl

We draft all 45 All New All Different Marvel, previewed in the Marvel Preview Book


Episode 268 Wanna Send Cruellers?... Always Do

We discuss the long named vampire comic and movie of the same long name: "The Girl Who Walks Home Alone At Night"


Episode 267 Tell Me About Your Vacation Girlfriend

So many DC books so little time... "Starfire", "Bizarro", "We Are Robin", "Robin Son of Batman"... did I forget one? Yes, "Martian Manhunter" all #1's all for DCYou


Episode 266 Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!

E3 2015


Episode 265 Nuts and Bolts

We discuss DC's "Superman Earth One" volume 3.


Epsiode 264 He Is Mr Magicpants

Summer Reading is Fundamental.


Episode 263 Rag-bag Team

We discuss some of May's #1's. Plus Chris has the sniffles... :(


Episode 262: Imperial Stout Rules

We discuss our picks for a DC universe post-Convergence Justice League.


Episode 261 Into the Woods Into the Woods

"The Woods" from Boom Studios is discussed